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The Clear Choice

“A candidate who has perceptibly demonstrated superior competence, intelligence, awareness, maturity and potential for growth at the rank or position for which he or she is testing.”

Who We Are

Serving the New England area, Integrity Testing takes the greatest pride in helping your organization select the “Clear Choice” candidate for promotion within your police or fire department.

Founded in 2012 by retired chiefs of police, our organization consists of a group of highly trained, experienced and committed current and retired law enforcement and fire executives. Our team is devoted to providing you with a proven method of identifying the best qualified candidate available for promotion. We have a flawless track record and have provided our services to numerous satisfied cities and towns throughout New England.

Step One: Job Task Analysis

We will meet on-site with members of your department (both incumbents and supervisors) to determine what “competencies” are required to perform successfully at the rank or position for which the test is being offered. Typically the Chief or Appointing Authority will provide us with a list of 10-12 competencies on which we then base our exam questions.

Step Two: Test Development

Applying the information obtained from our Job Task Analysis and based upon the critical competencies needed as determined by you, we then organically design a series of custom assessment center exam questions which test aptitude for those competencies. The questions will be comprised of a calculated mix of written and interactive exercises.

Step Three: Orientation

We meet personally with every enrolled applicant to provide an overview of the assessment center process and what to expect on test day(s). A general description of the types of exam questions the candidate can expect is provided as well as a schedule of events, dress code requirements, arrival time, etc.

Step Four: Exam Administration

Depending upon the composition of the test, we will administer the assessment center either on a single day or over two consecutive days. In addition to myriad other security measures, all candidates are assigned random numbers to use throughout the process to insure anonymity.

Step Five: Performance Evaluation

By knowing beforehand what competencies are critical to your promotional requirements, our Test Assessors will use their experience (most of whom are retired Chiefs) to focus on each candidate’s aptitude in these competencies and provide and objective numerical grade for each candidate for each exercise.

Step Six: Compile & Provide Results

The principals of Integrity Testing alone will aggregate the Test Assessor’s scores for each candidate, determine an overall score for each candidate and submit the results in the form of a list from best to worst to the Chief or the Appointing Authority (or both as specified in the engagement contract).

Types of Exam Questions

Available for Testing

Most of our assessment center tests are comprised of as few as four exercises (one day exams) to as many as eight (two day exams).  We work with you to determine which type of exercises best identifies the competencies required for your new hire or promotion.  Exam types marked as follows are recommended as a minimum for all exams:

In-Basket Exercise

This exercise is intended to simulate the handling of items that would come across the desk of person holding a particular rank/position in the daily performance of their job (i.e., dropped in ones “In-Basket”). The items in the In-Basket may include letters, email, memoranda, telephone messages, written directives, notes and other communications.

Structured Interview

The Structured Interview Exercise is a process which requires the candidate to answer a series of questions from the Assessment Team. Typically no preparation time is allowed as the intent of the exercise is to simulate a real life situation where the candidate must be able to think and respond on his or her feet.

Role Play Exercise

A Role Play Exercise is situational simulation during which the candidate interacts with a person (Role Player/Assessor) who has been designated to play the role of a real life person (troubled employee, community member, business person, etc.) toward the end of achieving a recommended result.

Community Meeting

The Community Meeting Exercise requires the candidate to meet with specific members of the community (citizens, business members, elected or appointed officials) who have their own agenda and will typically rapid fire questions or engage the candidate about their specific problems or general concerns.

Media Presentation

The Media Presentation is an exercise where a candidate will be given information about some type of critical incident, tragedy or major reportable event affecting the community. The candidate will make a presentation to the media, assuage citizen concerns and answer follow-up questions from the gathering.

Oral Presentation

The Oral Presentation Exercise is a process where the candidate will be required to make a presentation before a designated audience/panel regarding subject matter provided in the exercise instructions. The panel will be comprised of Test Assessors who may provide “live” stimulus to induce stress into the exercise.

Critical Incident

In a Critical Incident Exercise a candidate will be provided with a narrative or shown a video simulation and asked to provide detailed instructions and guidance to subordinates and peers. Examples of critical incidents are active shooters, motor vehicle fatalities involving hazardous waste and dense property fires.

Written Exercise

A Written Exercise is intended to simulate a real life job experience where a formal, written response is required from the candidate in response to a situation where there is minimal time to prepare. In this exercise spelling, grammar, brevity, clarity and even penmanship all count.

Decision Making

A Decision Making Exercise will require the candidate to record their written response to a short set of facts describing an event they might encounter at the rank or position for which they are testing. This exercise requires a working knowledge of their department’s policies & procedures as well as general laws.

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